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Exclude BLANKS and FORMULAE while pasting the data

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    Exclude BLANKS and FORMULAE while pasting the data

    Consider column_1 and column_2 has a range of 100. I input column_1 with numbers(float and integers) only till 50th row. Column_2 is associated with a certain formula linked to column_1. Now we can see that that Column_2 is have the formula linked till 100th row. My task is to copy column_1 till 100th row and paste in Column_3, but I want only values to be pasted and not the blanks. I also want to copy the column_2 values till 100th row, but neither the formulas nor the blanks I want to paste it in column_4.


    I have tried using the PASTE special options as only numbers and exclude blanks options, but failed to get the output. I also tried recording the macros for the same.

    Since I am using this sheet to save as a CSV file and export the data to python, I can see two quotes ' ' in the place of empty blanks. I don't want any blanks to be pasted and only numbers. Can anyone say what can be the solution.

    Thank you for the time.
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    Re: Exclude BLANKS and FORMULAE while pasting the data

    Attach a file so we can see exactly what the data contains, provide an end result of what you expect the data to look likle.
    If necessary create a mockup.

    Use the Go Advanced option at the bottom of the page then scroll down to Manage Attachments as the "paperclip" method does not work on this forum.

    Ensure you describe your problem clearly, I have little time available to solve these problems and do not appreciate numerous changes to them.

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    Re: Exclude BLANKS and FORMULAE while pasting the data

    According to my understanding: If you want to move the data column 1 to column 2 without calculating the blanks
    Use the following formula and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter
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