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Tricky Excel Problem!!!!

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    Tricky Excel Problem!!!!


    I need to figure out the following using the attached info. What formula(s) should I use to do this?

    The City Council wants to fund an additional 50 certified Health Education teachers across 8 districts in high schools with more than 500 students that currently do not have a certified Health Education teacher. Using the chart below, provide recommendations on the most equitable way to place the 50 new certified Health Education teachers across these districts, and include how many each district should receive.
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    Re: Tricky Excel Problem!!!!

    Enter this formula in D2 and Fill down =ROUND(50*C2/C$10,0)

    Enter this formula in D10 =SUM(D2:D9)

    The result is 49. Leaving One Spare Teacher. That Teacher should be assigned to District 43, Which has the biggest need.
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    Re: Tricky Excel Problem!!!!

    Is this homework?

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    Re: Tricky Excel Problem!!!!

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