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Find and Replace

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    Find and Replace

    Hello! I'm new to the forum so correct me if I am wrong or in the wrong location.

    Basically I want to do a find and replace for football pool spreadsheet. Only thing is I want to find a team name and change the cell related to the points.

    Example: NE vs MIA (NE wins but you picked MIA)

    A B
    1 [16] [MIA]

    So I want to search for all MIA and replace all 16s with a zero.

    Thank you

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    Re: Find and Replace

    Hi and welcoem to the forum.

    Have you tried a Find for "[16] [MIA]" and replace with "[0] [MIA]"?

    Otherwise upload the workbook so that we can see the request in context. Indicate examples of ranges where you want Find/Replace to operate.
    Richard Buttrey

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