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Exporting and ignoring only some quotation marks?

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    Exporting and ignoring only some quotation marks?

    Hello all and thank you in advance for your kind help! I am fairly new with excel and only have a basic understanding (just recently) of .csv files - hopefully someone can help with this!

    In short, I have a report that is exported from our MRP software that includes purchase order information. In some of our purchase order notations to our supplier, we use quotation marks around process or product revisions. Example, an order notation may read as: Must Ship Product Revision "D". When the report is exported, the sheet is completely jumbled around and have attributed this to the quotation marks in the purchase order notations text.

    There are 1000's of Purchase orders and need to run a clean report. A colleague had suggesting something about delimiters but could not understand how only some of a the quotations could be ignored, while keeping others. When I manually go into individual purchase orders and change the " to ' ', then the report comes out nice and organized, until it gets to the next one I didn't change.

    I hope my problem makes sense and hoping more that someone can help me fix it!! I've tried to open the .csv file as a text file and mass replace all the " with ' ', but it doesn't seem to help.

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    Re: Exporting and ignoring only some quotation marks?

    please read the yellow banner. Thanks
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