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Help with random schedule creation

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    Help with random schedule creation

    Hello everyone, I'm very new to Excel, to be honest only recently started to learn how powerful it can be, I was wondering if I could use it for something I do constantly. Here is the scenario

    On the weekends we have 4 engineers working on Sat and Sun, two on the east coast and two on the west. The team is about 49 people, that need to be divided through the year evenly as possible, considering their physical location. We have 28 people on the east and and 21 on the west.

    1. On Sat we have one permanent eng(West coast), so I have to fill 3 spots, two east one west.
    2. On Sun we have two permanent eng (One East and one West) so I have to fill 2 spots, one for each coast.

    Is that something that can be accomplished, take the list and evenly distribute people throughout the year? I'm attaching an example of how it looks like.

    Thanks in advance for any help!
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    Re: Help with random schedule creation


    I couldn't think of a way of not repeating when randomizing,

    This is the best I've got
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