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Filtering events in Excel calendar

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    Filtering events in Excel calendar

    Hi there, this is my first post so I hope I am posting in the right area and able to articulate my problem clearly.

    I am an Executive Assistant who works for an Executive who attends numerous monthly meetings, annual conferences and travels regularly both domestically and internationally. At the beginning of each calendar year we sit down together to plan the year which includes setting key financial and meeting dates, and travel dependent on other important activities e.g. conferences and his own holidays / annual leave. What I have always done in previous years is download an excel calendar template and input all this data. I input the data by selecting a color for each "event" type and filling the cell with this color (I remove any colors that the template may use and make it as basic and clean looking as possible). It is important that the entire year is visible in one glance as we often work a few months ahead and the entire year often needs to be taken into consideration at any one time. The calendar template that I have been using is just a basic excel file on calendarpedia
    The problem that I have encountered is that often the calendar is showing too much information, with many "events" on one day and it becomes difficult to read and pull out the key information I am focused on. I would like to find a way where I am able to have a drop down box where I am able to select which type of events appear at the calendar e.g. Meetings (which would include Board Meeting, Executive Meeting and would have to have their own colors) Travel (which would include Domestic Travel and International Travel which would also both require a different cell fill color), Conferences, Annual Leave, Company Wide Events etc. It would also be necessary to be able to view all events as well. The further issue that I have is that often there are days where my boss will have multiple key things happening e.g. He is on an overseas trip, attending a board meeting. Is there any solution where I am able to keep the format of the calendar relatively the same?

    Any help would be so greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Filtering events in Excel calendar

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