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Data need to set in the format

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    Data need to set in the format

    I have data in one sheet and format in second sheet.
    I need to fill the data in the given format. Please help me.

    Format is having 2 sheets to print on A4 Page,
    Trip No 1 having 4 Employees should be printed on 1st half page and
    Trip No 2 having 3 Employees should be printed on 2nd half page.

    Like this all the data to be set based on Trip No.
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    Re: Data need to set in the format

    Hi prasademany,

    Try the attached modified copy of your file that uses the Macro below.

    I assumed that your data was already sorted by Trip Number (Primary Sort) and Sl. No. (Secondary) just like your sample Data.
    I added a 'Format Code' (Cells I11:K11) that contains Date, Time, Page Number, Position on the Page for two reasons:
    a. If you drop the papers, it would be easier put them in order
    b. If you revise the data, you can tell which one was printed first

    In Ordinary Code Module ModFillInLogSheet:
    Please Login or Register  to view this content.
    To prevent typos from ruining days and weeks of work 'Option Explicit' is NEEDED at the top of each code module. This prevents errors caused by missspellings and FORCES every variable to be DECLARED (e.g. Dim i as Integer). http://www.cpearson.com/excel/DeclaringVariables.aspx

    To enable Macros and to Run Macros see the following:
    If help is still needed do a google search for 'youtube excel enable macro' and/or 'youtube excel run macro'.

    To access Visual Basic (VBA) see:
    a. Click on any cell in the Excel Spreadsheet (may not be needed).
    b. ALT-F11 to get to VBA.
    c. CTRL-R to get project explorer (if it isn't already showing).
    d. Double Click on a 'Module Name' in 'Project Explorer' to see code for that module.

    Debugger Secrets:
    a. Press 'F8' to single step (goes into subroutines and functions).
    b. Press SHIFT 'F8' to single step OVER subroutines and functions.
    c. Press CTRL 'F8' to stop at the line where the cursor is.
    d. 'Left Click' the margin to the left of a line to set (or clear) a BREAKPOINT.
    e. Press CTRL 'G' to open the IMMEDIATE WINDOW. 'debug.print' statements send their
    output to the IMMEDIATE WINDOW.
    f. Select View > Locals to see all variables while debugging.
    g. To automatically set a BREAKPOINT at a certain location put in the line:
    'Debug.Assert False'
    h. To conditionally set a BREAKPOINT at a certain location put in lines similar to:
    if i >= 20 and xTV20 > 99.56 then
    Debug.Assert False
    i. A variable value will be displayed by putting the cursor over the variable name.

    To manually set a breakpoint, see http://www.wiseowl.co.uk/blog/s196/breakpoints.htm


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