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Make a slider automatically slide

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    Make a slider automatically slide

    Ok this is an architectural issue sheet example.a list of all drawings issued and a history of all past revisions. Im using a program to push all the revision info into the grey area (see attached) . What i want is for my slider to always shown the latest 15 revisions. Is there a way to make the slider recognise the highest column to contain data, and then minis 15 columns from that to always show the latest 15?

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    Re: Make a slider automatically slide

    Hi mountain1985,

    Not 100% I understand, but if you have a long list of revisions in the grey area and you want simply to show the latest 15 revisions in the green spot, then:

    How about inserting a pivot table where you have the green box. You then could use the 'Value filter' > 'Top 10 Filer'.
    In the dialog box, set the number of records to 15 and choose the revision date as the 'by' field.
    You then would need to refresh the data after more revisions are added. Under Pivot Table Options > Data tab, you can tick 'Refresh data when opening the file. If you need the data more frequently refreshed, you need to do this manually or could use a VBA code.

    Alternatively, you could use a VLOOKUP formula combined with RANK formula. First row you lookup the revision with the RANK 1 in the revision date, second line RANK 2...

    Hope this will give you some ideas.

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