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How to show % on horizonal axis of Pivot Chart

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    How to show % on horizonal axis of Pivot Chart

    Good evening

    I hope you can help me

    I have been asked by a local charity to help with analysing their end of year statistics (the figures are relatively simple)

    They are using Excel 10

    I have done it all except for one thing. The figures need (ideally) to be shown as a Pivot table and chart

    There is no problem with the table, but the chart shows me the percentages as a decimal (on the x axis), even though the chart shows it as a percentage

    I have attached a simple sheet showing the problem (It also shows it below as I want to display it, but I have done that by copying the data, and pasting as values, which I really don't want to do)

    I have never had this problem before

    I really hope you can help me

    Thank you so much
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    Re: How to show % on horizonal axis of Pivot Chart

    In the absence of other replies, I will venture something, though I am not an expert in pivot tables and charts. I know that pivot charts are strictly limited to a text/category axis for the horizontal x axis. It appears that this limitation of Excel's pivot charts prevents Excel from applying a number format to the text of your column chart. (Interestingly, if I open the file in LO Calc, the horizontal axis is showing the numbers as percents and I can freely change the number format.)

    I have no quick and easy solutions (other than to use a different spreadsheet without this limitation). You can create a regular chart from pivot data https://peltiertech.com/regular-char...-pivot-tables/ Or you can change source data so that column A contains "numbers stored as text in the format you wish to see" so that the pivot chart can see the correct text for the axis labels.

    Does any of that help?
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    Re: How to show % on horizonal axis of Pivot Chart

    You can work around the limitation as mentioned by MrShorty by doing 3 additional steps:
    1) add a column to convert the "% from start" to a text format (added column B with the formula B2=ROUND(A2*100,0)&"%")
    2) pull this added field to the Rows section of PivotTable Field List
    3) un-tick the Multi-level Category Labels of the horizontal axis

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