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simplified layout for job costings

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    simplified layout for job costings


    I am trying to devise a spreadsheet that shows four variables:

    Employee Hours
    weekending date
    Project Name

    The spreadsheet attached is what I have come up with; however it seems quite cumbersome as the employees will be working on different jobs throughout the week.

    Ideally a pivot table would work, however, I need to load this spreadsheet into Google Drive for the boss to look through. The boss is not great on Excel, not too sure if he would work on pivot table, plus unsure if pivot table works in Drive. Originally, I had one sheet per job but we have 20 jobs on the go, so it is not realistic. I need the information consolidated into one spreadsheet. I am drawing a blank on a different way of approaching this.

    Thanks for any advice/thoughts.
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    Re: simplified layout for job costings

    The article linked below indicates that Google sheets does have pivot tables.
    I have very little experience with Google sheets, however assuming that the pivot tables a similar it will be easier to set up the pivot table if the source data is arranged row over row, meaning that each row will contain a date, employee name, job name, job number, hours, actual and charged. Some of the values like actual, charged and perhaps job number could be placed in other tables and inserted to the source data using VLOOKUP or INDEX/MATCH.
    Let us know if you have any questions.
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