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Dynamically change table size that contains formula

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    Dynamically change table size that contains formula


    In the attached macro-enabled excel workbook, I have four sheets "Source", "New", "Past" and, "Report". Source file gets data automatically from a .csv file that is generated from ERP and "New" sheet references to certain column cells in source to refine the data. "Past" holds the immediate previous data (i have an action button that runs a basic macro to copy and paste data from "New" to "Past" before the new data comes into "Source") if the "Source" data changes. "Report" calculates the difference in data between "New" and "Past". I want to have the table in "Report" to dynamically change its size while holding the formula that it holds based on the table sizes in "New" and "Past". Meaning, if number of Rows changes in "New" and "Past", the number of rows in "Report" must change to record all the differences in data. The number or columns in "New" and "Past" never changes. If a vba code is required, I am okay to use macros as well, as I already have one in the file. I would really appreciate if anyone can help me on this.

    thanks in advance

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