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Excel help for day-trading journal

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    Excel help for day-trading journal

    Hello all, I am a basic excel user with zero knowledge on VBA or macros. I created a simple stock options day-trading journal but I'm having trouble formatting specific data from my broker to import into my journal.

    Excel A shows my edited broker data. Excel B shows my trading journal and how I would like data from A to show up in B, color-coded. The thing that throws me off is that my broker has a "buy to open" and "sell to close" row that I don't know how to reduce into one merged row.

    I normally day-trade so for my QQQ trades, they are closed same day but on occasion I will hold a position longer like with AMD, where I bought 5, sold 3 same day and sold 2 the next day.

    What would be the best way to show what I am looking for? Can I do it via formula or conditional formatting or can this only be done through VBA or macros? I believe QQQ trades should be easy enough to show but it might be a bit more difficult to show the AMD trades in my particular format as it will need additional math formulas.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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