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    I'm looking to get some kind of form to store customer details.

    I want one page to enter them and for it to put the details into another page. I know about vlookup etc but what do you suggest as the form method i should use? To go along with the form i need to make it so it gives them a 'customer number'.




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    Hi Pete,

    Generally, when one thinks about user input forms, they think about using Access instead of Excel. I know, I feel more comfortable with Excel as well, but here's an example for you ... I wrote an application in Excel for folks to create pricing records. Part of the record is the effective and expiration date, right? Somebody copied May's pricing over to the June column and just changed the 5 (for May) to 6 (for June). Problem ... the expiration date was then June 31.

    Excel let them enter June 31. Access wouldn't have allowed that. If you insist on using Excel, you are going to have to write a lot of Visual Basic code to error check every possible entry error.

    Sorry, I don't think you're going to like this answer.

    - Pete

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