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Matching Bank Statements

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    Matching Bank Statements

    I am trying to find an easier way to match a bank statement with a general ledger detail report in order to make sure that the checks balance and clear. Basically I could put information on 1 sheet like the following:

    Column A and B are from bank Statement
    Col A = Check Number
    Col B = Check Amount

    Column C and D are from General ledger
    Col C = Check Number
    Col D = Check Amount

    I would like to make it so that they would match side by side and if they did not it would leave a blank space next to it. I am a little familiar with ecel but this formula is a little above my head. Any help would be appreciated.


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    This is the basis for how I conduct reconciliations in Excel. It may be helpful for what you are trying to achieve.

    Col A - Bank or GL
    Col B - Check Number
    Col C - Amount
    Col D - Formula as follows =ABS(C1) for cell D1 etc
    Col E - Matched? (place 'Y' for matching items)
    Col F - Formula as follows =IF(E1="Y",D1,"")

    I also have a cell summing all of column F.

    I then sort by Col D which will get all the values sorted in order (or by Col B to get all check numbers in order) and start matching them off by placing 'Y' next to matching items. The cell summing Col F will ensure that the amounts match correctly. That's the bare bones of it but there is room from adjusting to your needs and the addition of bells & whistles.


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