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URGENT!!! shared workbook

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    A.G.M ash

    URGENT!!! shared workbook

    I have set up a custom form in excel for users to select or type data into
    that then sends the information to a new sheet in a list format at button
    click e.g

    Email only recontact size Budget
    yes no 100 5000
    no yes 200 6000

    I then made it a shared workbook with the necessary ranges unprotected. but
    say for instance i am adding new data into the form thus creating a new
    record it places it underneath the previous record, but if my partner is also
    adding new records in the shared workbook at the same time abviously some of
    his cells and my cells conflict so when saved you have to change the previous
    persons work thus loosing the records the other user made. is there a macro
    or an option or somthing to say when saved if data in cells in range #1
    (example)do not change make saved entry go to unused cells underneath the
    last record, and i dont want to have to start again because i have several
    complex cost, losses and estimate calculations running off that data being
    stored their to be able to remember wich i need to change. Can you help

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    David McRitchie

    Re: URGENT!!! shared workbook

    There are a few things that just will delay any answers,
    one of them is the use of "urgent" when you are not about to lose your files,
    wording like "my boss", and the other is the posting to several newsgroups.
    and not using your name is an additional source of irritation because it
    indicates you don't care about those you are asking for help from..

    See reply in microsoft.public.excel and stick with that thread if you
    have additional questions or that does not solve your problem.

    David McRitchie, Microsoft MVP - Excel [site changed Nov. 2001]
    My Excel Pages: http://www.mvps.org/dmcritchie/excel/excel.htm
    Search Page: http://www.mvps.org/dmcritchie/excel/search.htm

    "A.G.M ash" <A.G.M ash@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message news:3B165B79-6DEA-41F0-A6E5-237EF1A4F2E3@microsoft.com...
    > I have set up a custom form in excel for users to select or type data into

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