I have an odd problem with password protecting an excel sheet.

I have a pass protected sheet with a couple of ranges that can be
unlocked with a (different) password for each range. However some
*pairs* of ranges are unlocked by inputting the right pass for only 1
of the two ranges.



Range Password
A 12
B 34
C 56
D 78


I have a situation similar to the following: range A is unlocked with
pass '12' , but instead of the pass only unlocking range A, it also
unlocks range C and vica versa with the pass for C.

How is this possible? It seems like a bug to me. Anyone heard about
similar problems?

I'm fairly certain that all of the passwords are unique (generated a
string of random numbers for each pass), which rules out that
explanation. Can't check it atm to make sure, however.

Thanks for any info on this.