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periods of time

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    periods of time


    Can somebody help me with this please,i need a formular that can calculate
    the difference between the two times and show the answer as a plus or minus
    or green/red.For example in the below, the answer would be +1:30 as the
    actual time is an 1hr 30min before the expected.

    Expected arrival time 8:00 Actual arrival time 6:30 answer


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    Hello again Ben,

    You need the following formula in column D:


    You will need to format the result cells to be General formats not dates. To do the highlight all the expected results cells for column D and hold Ctrl + Shift and press #. This will set the cells to General formatting.

    If you also want different colours you will also need Conditional Formatting:

    Highlight the results cells in column D and choose Format + Conditional Formatting.

    Change the Between text to Greater than 0 and click the Format button - choose grenn.
    Click the Add button. Change the Between text to Less than 0 and choose the second Format button - choose Green.

    Post again with any problems


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