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Display Images in Cells

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    Question Display Images in Cells

    Hello all,

    I am exporting text from another program into excel. Assume I can put any text into a cell. I have the file paths of images that I want to show on my worksheet in certain cells. Is there any combination of text that I can input into a cell that will actually display these images?

    The simpler the solution, the better.

    Thank you,

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    Hello Steve,

    Welcome to the Forum!

    There is no built in worksheet function to do this. I have created a UDF (User Defined Function) that will take a picture (bmp, gif, or jpg format) from file,and place into a cell as a comment. This hides the picture until the the mouse enters the cell. This frees the cell up for other use.

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    To Install the Macro:
    1. Copy the Macro code above using CTRL+C
    2. Open Excel and Right Click on any Sheet Tab
    3. Click on View Code in the pop up menu
    4. Use ALT+I to activate the VBE Insert Menu
    5. Press the letter m to insert a Standard Module
    6. Paste the macro code using CTRL+V
    7. Save the macro using CTRL+S
    8. Close the VBE and return to excel using ALT+Q

    UDF Example
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    Leith Ross

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    Display Images in Cells

    See if the ShowFilePicsDemo file, available at the below link, gives you any ideas:

    It reads pictures from network and web folders into an Excel worksheet.

    Does that help?
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