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#REF! errors

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    #REF! errors

    Column's A & B contain raw data.
    Column C and D perform simple math calculations on column A & B.
    i.e: =ABS($A$7-$B7)

    Column E takes the output of C & D, does more math.
    i.e: =SQRT((C7*C7)+(D7*D7))

    The problem is when I cut and copy, or move the raw data in col's A & B. This creates #REF! errors in Col C,D & E.

    In columns C,D and E I have used either relative cell references or absolute cell references to try to fix this problem.

    I want to be able to move the data in col's A&B without causing #REF! problems. I want the calculating cells (col's C,D & E) to always reference THE SAME CELL, irregardless of where the data is move around.

    I know I am making a silly mistake here, as Absolute cell references like $A$1 should be just that.

    I haven't used Excell 2002 or any spreadsheet proggie in many years. What am I doing wrong?

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    You can copy and paste instead then delete the original.

    Otherwise, you will need to change your formula to use the Indirect() function...

    e.g. =ABS(INDIRECT("$A"&ROW())-INDIRECT("$B"&ROW())) placed in row 7 will reference A7 and B7... you can copy it down.
    Where there is a will there are many ways.

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    Thank you very much for your fast response NBVC.

    When I check the help file in MS Excel 2002 there is no example stating the use of the string "ROW."
    I am probably using your example incorrectly

    So I tried this (actual worksheet columns): =ABS(INDIRECT("$J"&7)-INDIRECT("$N"&7))

    But still doesn't overcome the problem of pasting them down the column to reference increment the rows references. So with the above function, I would have to manually edit each and every row - for two columns!

    I know your suggestion would enable pasting, I am just not sure how to do this. Or Is there a formula I can use and paste down the rows - incrementing row values in the formula?
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    I edited all of the cells with this code: =ABS(INDIRECT("$J"&7)-INDIRECT("$N"&7))

    and am Very happy with the results.

    THANK YOU NBVC as this problem has bothered me for a year, and I finally sought help - help I should of found a year ago.

    Please close thread..

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