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Selecting every 3rd row to copy and past

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    Selecting every 3rd row to copy and past

    Hi everyone,

    I asked a question a couple weeks back and was thankful that someone was able to help me out, saved me a ton of time.

    I'm back again as a newbie to Excel 2007 (or any excel for that matter)

    I have a lot of numbers (1061 rows of them to be exact) and I'm wanting to be able to select every 3rd number and copy and past it somewhere else. Is this possible to do all in one go? I'd hate to hand select each one.

    I want to select 1,4,7, etc (then 2,5,8,etc. and 3,6,9,etc.) in Column E all the way down to 1061

    and then do the same for column G.

    Is this possible?

    Any help would be great and much appreciated.


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    I would recommend a helper column. In row of this column, =MOD(ROW(),3) and drag down as far as you need. Apply filters to the sheet, then you can select 0,1,or 2 in the helper column and each will be every third row. Highlight the data, hit Ctrl+; and then copy and paste.

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