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Removing "0.00" entries from Pivot Table

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    Wink Removing "0.00" entries from Pivot Table

    Hi .. Newbie here so please excuse any terminology errors.

    I have a simple excel spreadsheet with a worksheet specifically assigned to track our clients money coming in and out of the bank account. It works like this ;

    08/04/08 Money In Mr D Smith 20,000
    08/04/08 Money Out Mr D Smith 20,000

    I then have a pivot table running on a second spreadsheet that totals clients balances and the overall aggregated bank balance. This all works perfectly (although a little simplistic) and is accurate.

    Here is the problem : If you take the example above, Mr D Smith's balance is 0.00 and gets reported in the pivot table. We now have a very messy pivot table (with hundreds of 0.00 entries) and need to remove all entries where client balances are 0.00 or return results <-0.01 and >0.01.

    I have tried messing around with the 'null' value settings but I think this refers to empty cells. Assuming 0.00 is considered an amount and not empty?

    Any suggestions (apart from setting it up properly in a database!!!)

    Any help would be magic ..

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    use a helper column named test on the first sheet that says YES if balance is lower than minus 1 cent or greater than one cent.

    on second sheet use pivot table as before but in the top left layout box select test = yes

    it will not pull out the zeroes...

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    Thanks Robert,

    I think the problem is that the first sheet doesn't actually know what the balance is for each client. The pivot table is calculating that.

    The source data contains thousands of rows and they come in a very random order. I find it difficult to understand how to get the individual client balances to total on the first sheet - hence why i started using a pivot table to get the overview.

    Does that make sense?

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    You can also have the "balance" field added to the "Page" section of the pivot table (You can have it in both page and data section)

    In the Page field you can "hide" values "0"
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