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Thumbnail or link to thumbnail in row.

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    Thumbnail or link to thumbnail in row.

    Hey all,

    My first post here, so be gentle.

    Anyway, here's what I'm trying to accomplish. First of all, what I do is I design playgrounds and the equipment in them (big play structures you see at schools and in city parks), maybe as many as 10 a day. So over the past few years I've got thousands of files in a wide range of prices and sizes. I'm attempting to make it easier for the sales force here to find drawings that I've done in the past in defined price ranges. That way we don't have to re-invent the wheel every day.

    My plan is to use Excel to have columns of set price ranges, since most of the time a customer has a certain budget and we, of course, want to us all of it. So the salesman would first look at the column within his price range and then be able to see a thumbnail of the particular project to see if it is the type of structure the customer is interested in.

    Here's the nub of it. I know how to link to the existing PowerPoint file on our server, but they can be big and that takes time to bring them up, so is there a quick (simple) way to display, or even link, to just a thumbnail of the PP file in an Excel row???


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    Good evening,
    Here is one example of using a drop down menu to select a picture and get a price, you could modify it to select a price to get the picture
    Click on the blue cell to select the picture, the pics are on sheet3 including the price list,

    This comes from this thread that has other links to threads with the same topic

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