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gaps in text converting to new lines

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    Question gaps in text converting to new lines

    Hi all

    I am a relatively new excel user and have a problem with text in a cell not converting in tab delimited format how I want it to.
    I am trying to upload a date feed to a site and have received an error report as follows-

    "The text file you have uploaded has some errors. The problem is that some fields mainly product description spread on multiple rows.
    You need to check and make sure that you remove the new line characters (\n) from every field before displaying the value of that field.

    I receive an excel products list from my supplier which has price,barcodes,sku's and product descriptions etc
    I have attached an example, when opened in word or notepad it looks fine when opened in excel that is where the problem is

    The product descriptions are contained in 1 cell and vary in length, when I edit this list to my preference and convert to tab delimited format for upload the product description is spread over many cells !
    How can I resolve this without manually editing the gaps out of each product description?

    I hope this makes sense to you

    Thanks in advance

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    Before you save it down as a text file (ie while still in Excel) I would select the column/Cells where this probelm resides and go Edit>Replace (from the menu bar) or press Ctrl+H if on xl2007, and in the Find box hold down the Alt key and press 010 in sequence from the numeric keypad. Leave the Replace box empty and click Replace All. Do exactly the same again, but this time hold Alt and type in 013 and click Replace All. This will get rid of all Linefeeds/Carriage Returns in your cell. You can then save down as your text file and see if it will now import successfully.

    Richard Schollar
    Microsoft MVP - Excel

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