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How turn multiple columns/1 row into 1 column multiple rows

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    How turn multiple columns/1 row into 1 column multiple rows

    Hi there,

    I am new to Excel and I suck, after searching for a solution in excel help directory and on the net I decided to post my questions to the excel experts here :-)

    It's probably very simple but I don't know how to do it:

    I have imported data from a text file to a csv file simply by saving the text file as a .csv. The text file contained emails separated by ";". When I converted to .csv I ended up with the bulk of the emails spread on 1 row and multiple columns (1 email per column) I actually would like to perform the other way around: 1 column and then multiple rows (1 row per email)

    So instead of having all data on a single row with multiple columns such as:

    email tab A - email tab B - email tab C - email tab X^100

    I would like to have data on a single column but with multiple rows:

    Email row 1
    Email row 2
    Email row 3
    Email row X^100

    How could I do that? A solution either before converting to csv or once in csv format solutions are fine to me...

    The purpose of this is to import emails to a database which only read emails in .csv format and displayed by rows, not columns)

    Thanks guys!

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    Re: How turn multiple columns/1 row into 1 column multiple rows


    select the cells with data in the row, copy the selected cells.
    click an empty cell and use Edit - Paste special - tick Transpose - OK


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