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Making a bill in excel

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    Making a bill in excel

    Dear all

    My first post so hi to all, I know the very basics of excel so any help welcome.

    I have a small business that over a period of time people build up a bill with me, So I have started an excel spreadsheet with headings along the top of the expenditure and names down the side to which in the cells I add the amount.

    I want to print a bill, so I set up a second sheet with the graphics etc on and have brought the information across by using the =Sheet1!C1 formula.

    The above doesn't work due to not knowing how to change the bill as a whole on the second sheet. I move the cells and the whole formula changes etc

    However what I want to do is add the name off the customer to the second sheet and the bill come across.

    Am I doing this correctly is this the easiest way? Any advice greatly received

    Thank you

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    Re: Making a bill in excel

    Could you post a sample of the workbook you're working with? This can help us to better assist you. (Obviously, change any sensitive data with fake information.

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    Re: Making a bill in excel

    Probably VLOOKUP & a Data Validation list. Read these & look at the example workbook
    Hope that helps.

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