Greetings. My parents assigned me to develope digital time cards and total them accordingly for the family business. Im new to excel and don't know all the proper terminology, but I have figured out how to setup a spreadsheet that I think will work. I just ran into a problem, that I imagine has a simple solution. I will do my best to explain.

Currently, each employee fills out a time card daily with specific JOBS and how many hours they've worked on each of those jobs. Each job needs to totaled weekly then monthly.

Basically, I made a spreadsheet for each employee (replicating their time cards) and master spreadsheet with a list of all the jobs. On the employee's spreadsheet I created 4 combo boxes for each day, listing the jobs from the master spreadsheet. I would like to input the hours in the next column right of the combo boxes. Then, these hours would total each job on the master spreadsheet accordingly. Is this possible? What are terms or functions I could look into to help me figure this out? I hope it's not too advanced. Maybe there are alternatives if I complicated the situation. Any information is greatly appreciated. IM STRESSING OUT!