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Showing summary information in pivot slicer

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    Showing summary information in pivot slicer

    Hi there,
    I have a pivot table with half a million rows. One of the fields is gross margin which goes from 0% to 100%. I want to insert a slicer on gross margin but instead of showing all the values of GM, I just want to display 3 options in the slicer : 0-25%, 25-50%, >50%. Is that possible without using a macro? Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: Showing summary information in pivot slicer

    I think I'd be inclined to create a new column called "Margin Range" and fill it with
    =IF([margin cell ref]<=25%,"<=25%",IF([margin cell ref]<=50%,"25-50%",">50%"))
    Include that column on your pivot table, and you can slice on that instead.
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