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Sorting a table into alphabetical order?

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    Sorting a table into alphabetical order?

    So i have a column full of first and surnames (both names in one cell).
    Is there a fast way to arrange them in alphabetical order? (surnames)

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    Re: Sorting a table into alphabetical order?

    if all the names are just first and last and so you have on space only

    copy the column into a helper column
    then on that helper column - use
    DATA > TEXT to columns
    delimited > SPACE
    now all the surnames are in a column of there own

    select the range including your original list and sort by the new surmane list

    see here http://www.extendoffice.com/document...last-name.html

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    Re: Sorting a table into alphabetical order?


    It would be far simpler if you simply extracted the first names and surnames into their own columns, and then sorted on those.

    Have a look at the Text to Columns feature (Data tab).

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