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League Table - Auto Sort

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    League Table - Auto Sort


    I have a league table of weekly results which I would like to be auto sorted.

    The table is populated using a formula which I don't want to hard-code.

    I would like the selection to be C7:K20 and be sorted by Column J.

    Attached is a sample worksheet.

    Kind Regards

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    Re: League Table - Auto Sort

    1) Use a pivot table, sorted based on whatever column J represents.

    2) Use a formula that ranks the results, with whatever tie-breakers are needed, and then use
    INDEX/MATCH formulas based on those rankings to extract the desired data, using ROW() and/or COLUMN() to increment the indices properly.
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    Re: League Table - Auto Sort

    Hi Chris,

    If you delete Column I you could use all the normal auto sort and filter Table features built into Excel. Tables don't allow a blank row or column.

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