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Create Individual Schedule from Master Schedule

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    Create Individual Schedule from Master Schedule

    I'm trying to create a lookup that uses values from a list of names in one sheet (Sheet B).
    Sheet B
    Person 1
    Person 2
    Person 3

    This would then search for that value within a master schedule table on another sheet (Sheet A). The value will appear multiple times in the table as it's a meeting schedule. It will return the name of the person they are meeting with and the time they are meeting with them.
    Sheet A
    1PM 2PM 3PM
    Company A Person 1 Person 3 Person 2
    Company B Person 3 Person 2 Person 1
    Company C Person 2 Person 1 Person 3

    The Values would then be placed into their individual schedules on another sheet (Sheet C). It doesn't technically have to copy the time value as it is already in individual schedule template. It just has to match the time value in Sheet A with the time value in Sheet C.
    Sheet C
    Schedule for Person 1
    1PM Company A
    2PM Company C
    3PM Company B

    Schedule for Person 2
    1PM Company C
    2PM Company B
    3PM Company A

    Schedule for Person 3
    1PM Company B
    2PM Company A
    3PM Company C

    It would then print this sheet, then clear the contents of this sheet and then repeat the process until all values in Sheet B have been looked up and filled into their schedules.

    Thank you all so much for any help you can give me with this!

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    Re: Create Individual Schedule from Master Schedule

    Hi kscheller

    You will increase you chance of a positive response by about 1000% is you include a sample workbook with your request showing just enough of the input data AND critically, your expected results to make your end result very clear.

    You should also include any code you have already been building so we can see exactly where to concentrate any help



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