I've a table that needs to be re-done for only specific things to be seen.

Product #
Product# Notes Week1 Week2 Week3
A Notes1 38 24 92
Notes2 10 250 50
Notes3 -81 52 -2
B Notes1 52 33 11
Notes2 32 1 1000
Notes3 1 2 3

Giving you an example from the above table. What I wanna do is to copy/paste A in a separate sheet or select only A [BECAUSE] of "-81" and "-2". Note 81 and 2 the font color is red.
I need specifically to pick the code to check for "negative values or red color font in Rows named Notes3 and paste the product # .

In above example, the code will check for Notes 3 in the worksheet and then will paste "A" in a separate worksheet.

Is that possible?? Please help!! This is really important.

I've tried to use the following code before but nothing works really. This was sample for row 15 (Notes3) from column K to AD which has some positive and one or 2 negative values (font redcolor) :

Sub TestMacro()
Dim rngC As Range
While Application.CountIf(Range("K15:AD15"), 0) <> Range("K15:AD15").Cells.Count
For Each rngC In Range("K15:AD15")
While rngC.Value < 0
rngC.Offset(3, 0).Value = rngC.Value
Next rngC
End Sub

Any help?? The matrix has a total of 800 rows and 20 Columns.