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How safe are Macros?

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    How safe are Macros?

    Hi All,

    I just wanted to get some opinions on using macros.

    I have developed a form with VB in it, this form will be communicated around alot to and from different parts of the world. I was wondering what the risks associated would be. Should I send this form as a macro enabled file, the macro only has to be run when the form is returned to home base but it wont be used by tech savvy people so want to keep it as simple as possible. They receive the form and it be easiest coming in macro enabled so they click one button and its done.

    I've read of certain risks with macros been hacked and can carry virus's. I know I can protect the macro and form but that protection only goes so far.

    All opinions welcome and appreciated


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    Re: How safe are Macros?

    If the people you are sending the file to don't need the macro, I wouldn't put it in the workbook. I'd put the code into an add-in that can be distributed internally for anyone that needs to work with the returned files.
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