Dear All,

I have build an excel spreadsheet, which it's aimed to make an txt file to import to a SQL program, well after configuring correctly the spreadsheet in accordance with the fields required to SQL, I need to save it as Formated Text (Space Delimited), but after seeing that Excel instead of saving it with the TXT extension saves it as prn, I have build this small macro bellow.

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Well the problem does not reside here, but as I work on remote sessions on different servers, sometimes the txt file is stored on the current directory and sometimes it simply moves to the documents folder on my remote session.

In addition to this code, I need to tell Excel to store the outgoing Txt always to the current directory where i'm working, is there a way to overcome here, I could insert a path to this macro, but it would solve my problem, and make another problem on another user logged in the server.