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Excel VBA to save PPT shapes as PNG images

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    Excel VBA to save PPT shapes as PNG images

    I have an Excel (.xlsm) that opens an existing PPT and uses VBA to modify several slides.
    There are several shapes on each slide and my .xlsm has VBA that modifies those shapes.
    (The slides have designs on them for different size business cards which get filled in with spreadsheet names,...)

    Now I want to "select all" the shapes on a slide as a "group"(not sure that term is correct).
    Then I want to export that group as a .PNG image file.
    Save location can be the same folder location of the .xlsm file (doesn't really matter).

    This is different than exporting each slide as a .PNG.(which I can already do).
    In this case the business card designs on each slide are different sizes.
    So I need the images to be just the size of the "group" on that slide.

    The VBA code is within the .xlsm file (not the PPT)
    Several posts show VBA code for within the .pptm file that works fine
    if using just a PPT
    However that code doesn't seem to work when I put it in the .xlsm file to drive
    the image creation from Excel.


    PC with latest of all software.

    Pulling my hair out on this one.
    Can anyone help.

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    Re: Excel VBA to save PPT shapes as PNG images

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