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Work employee posting tracker/printable schedule help

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    Work employee posting tracker/printable schedule help

    I have limited VBA knowledge and might have got in over my head but I'm sure it's not a difficult solution. Basically I spreadsheet (attached) that I created to track employee positions, future time off requests, their one 8 hour work day per 2 week pay period, ect.

    The problem is I need to find a way to use cell data from the "Matrix" tab to auto fill cells for a printable 2 week schedule ("7-19" has semi blank format I need used). Preferably I'd like to have a macro assigned to a button where I could click it, create a new worksheet labeled with the last day of the pay period for that 2 weeks, be able to print the 14 pages of that tab then somehow repeat the process every few weeks with newly inputted data.

    There is another worksheet labeled "Data" where I started to mess around with the info I wanted in the Data Validation list for the Matrix tab. If Employee 1 is scheduled to work "North County Radio" for that day, I'd like the name filled into the cell next to it. Also any employee not scheduled to work, at training, on vacation, ect would be listed in the "Pass Days" column for each day in the "July 19" tab.

    I'm not how well I did explaining that but would be happy with even a starting point to get this thing going. Any help would be appreciated.
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