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auto print sheet of barcoded labels

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    auto print sheet of barcoded labels

    Hi all, IT Guy here, but not particularly fluent in Excel.

    Boss is VERY good with Excel, but he is on vacation in Asia.

    We have a system in production that does one thing: We scan a barcode for a warehouse order into Excel, and it prints a sheet of 24 stickers with only the bar code and human readable order#. We use those to peel and stick both on cartons moving between departments, as well as track orders throughout our warehouse and factories into our ERP system, so customer service cal tell at a glance which stage of production an order is in house..

    I need another workstation in production ASAP.

    The thing is, MR. boss man programmed the macros into the SCANGUN. I can do that too, but I would much rather do the same thing in an Excel macro so we don't have to have proprietary scan guns. I want to just grab a gun with a standard carriage return, and we're good to go.

    So can I get a macro that will print the current page (and go up one cell back to the starting cell) whenever we scan an order.

    The macro has to return to the original cell because the user will usually scan a 1/2" to 2" pile of orders at a time.


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    Re: auto print sheet of barcoded labels

    Boss Man will probably be back before I will be likely able to help you out here; however some questions did come to mind:
    1. Do you scan the barcode into a specific Excel workbook that then prints the labels or can you scan into any open document
    2. Do the labels print to a standard printer or something more specific like a Zebra Label Printer
    3. Do you know which barcode symology you're using (I'd guess Code128)
    4. What is the modle of the scanner that currently works
    5. Do you know what the macro programed into the working scanner is

    (Note: it is likely to be far less work setting up a new scanner with the same programed sequence of the old scanner, and you will likely have to setup the new one anyways in order to look for the symbology that your barcodes are written in.)

    (Important Note: DO NOT buy a pen style wand scanner for this type of "high-volume" production environment; because by the end of the day the person who has to use said pen will be ready to stab you with it Instead take a stack of papers to the store with you and make sure to buy the scanner that can get through them in a reasonable amount of time.)

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