Good evening everyone,

Basically, I need to run weekly reports for medical readiness of a unit. I have a main spreadsheet which I import into access database to run everyone queries on the data and export the queries back into the workbook (copy and paste each one). Afterwards, I run the macro creates a blank (templated) sheet for each unit on a list. The macro then sorts through all the data (Dental, HIV, PHA etc) and pastes the relevant information onto the blank unit sheet. I am running into several errors in the process.

First, if the data sheet (Dental, HIV, PHA etc) does not contain any information for that unit (ListOfNames) it will copy other units information that is on the list.
Secondly, the macro will error out/stop responding at times.

I am sure this code is fairly terrible as really know little about programming but I would appreciate any help you guy might be able to offer.

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