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learning the basics; macro / vba

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    learning the basics; macro / vba

    I`m pretty new to macro and vba. I`ve been playing around a bit, and recorded some macros.
    The problem is the hard coding in the recorded macro. When making a pivot, adding a column etc, I get problems; especially with the pivot, that won`t work at all, because of the sheet problems...And the recorded macro also do stuff that are unnecessary - like all the select things.

    Anyway, I need to learn the basic coding, so I can make dynamic ranges etc. Is it a good source where I can learn this relatively quick?

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    Re: learning the basics; macro / vba

    Hi Bandini,

    Check out the Tips & Tutorials forum (Click on Forum)
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    Re: learning the basics; macro / vba

    Use Google to look up the scenario you want. There is lots of good stuff out there.

    Change an Ugly Report with Power Query
    Database Normalization
    Complete Guide to Power Query
    Man's Mind Stretched to New Dimensions Never Returns to Its Original Form

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