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Sorting and filtering of data in question bank

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    Sorting and filtering of data in question bank

    Dear Experts ,

    I need some help in a project
    Basically i attach a test input file

    It is a collection of reading comprehension passages which i am compiling
    Now in column H are the passages

    The first row is headers , so nothing needs to be done there

    The entire thing starts from the second row where the passages are in column H
    So , cell H2,H3,H4 etc are all passages
    Now , there are certain rows for same passage like H2,H3,H4 may relate to same passage

    Likewise H5,H6,H7 may be a different passage of reading comprehension ( basically each passage tests many questions so this happens )

    What i want the macro to do is in compare each row with the one below it and if it same passage , then list out in column AC a unique number for the passage ....

    Say H1,H2,H3 irefect same passage say passage 1 and H4,H5,H6,H7,H8 reflect a different paasage (say passage 2 ) , i want the macro to list down passage 1 in cell AC1,AC2,AC3 for the passage
    (I say column AC because the actual file has the middle columns dedicated to questions and answers for the passage )

    Likewise , if column H4,H5,H6,H7,H8 is a different passage than passage but all are same different passage , then i want AC4,AC5,AC6,AC7,AC8 to reflect common value Passage 2 , 2 being numerical ascendant

    It may not be easy as it sounds because the passages contained in column H are sequenced numerically
    So , though H1,H2,H3 may reflect same passage passage 1 similar , they are numbered 1.) passage 1 , 2 .) passage 1 , 3.) passage 1

    So , though the passage i.e passage 1 in H1,H2,H3 the prefixing of 1.) 2.) 3.) may look the values to be different when they are actually not ,so direct comparison with macro trying to compare the values may fail to give required result because the numbers may play the spoilsport

    While separating the passages, if we can have alternate cell background colors of light blue and green , it would be nice because the color coding would help me expect a new passage matched by the passage code

    When cell Arownumber value is END, the macro can stop , this is where the sheet will have no further questions

    To make the question simpler to understand , i attach a workbook
    In the worksheet INPUT is what i have in terms of different passage questions and in the worksheet OUTPUT is what i would like to have

    This is however just a test file , the original file will have 1000's of such entries

    Hopefully ,someone is able to help !

    Thanks a tonne ,experts in advance ,

    Humble regards ,

    Amlan Dutta
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