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Multipage problem with userforms

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    Multipage problem with userforms

    I've got a problem with a userform that's driving me nuts. I've googled and can't seem to find anyone with a similar problem.

    I've got a fairly complicated userform that I've been using for a while and have since decided needs to have another page. When I add the multipage control, the second page is identical to the first. Any changes I make to the first page also happen to the second, and vice-versa. I've tried adding, deleting, and moving pages and the results are the same. What am I doing wrong? All the instructions I can find seem to make it simpler than what I'm doing.


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    Re: Multipage problem with userforms

    strange...did you copy all yr controls from the main page to the first (multipage) page and then add different controls to page2?
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    Re: Multipage problem with userforms

    Are you sure it's a multipage control and not a tabstrip?
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