I have imported a text (*.txt) file to excel spreadsheet with specific recordings depending on time. Clearly speaking, one column contains date (dd-mm-yyyy tt:mm) and the rest of columns (an array) different values of interest.

I want to create a chart (using macros) with horizontal axis as the period of time which user would be able to specify in the inputbox and with the vertical axis of the certain value depending on that particular period of time (the range of time that user have selected in the inputbox).

I don't want the user to have to highlight the cells because there are just to many.
Basically I only want to graph the portion of the data that is transient, so start up and cool down.

Example: The user determines they only want to see the data from 04-06-2013 21:32 to 04-06-2013 23:44

Microsoft Excel - Working_Load_Text_Macro.pngIs there any way to ask for an input such as 'start' & 'stop' so the user inputs '04-06-2013 21:32' & '04-06-2013 23:44' and excel can select the range of cells, for example as B341:B354. And use the range later to plot the chart?