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Outlook Calendar Entries

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    Question Outlook Calendar Entries

    First ever post!

    I am looking to try and add the function of adding your allocated time slots to your outlook calendar.

    Attached is the roster I have created, which allows you to choose your name from the drop down box at the top and then it will highlight where you have been allocated to work on the helpdesk.

    What I am looking to create is a button that once you have selected your name, it then creates calendar entries based on where you have been allocated.

    The subject of the appointment would be the helpdesk name, the date would be the header (formatted as dddd presently) and the time is listed to the left of the employee name.

    A copy of the template sheet is created every week and the old one hidden, so anything I need to add needs to be hidden amongst the template.

    Is this possible at all? I wasn't sure how to make the VBA work to only create entries that contains particular text
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