Hello Everyone,

I have created an account on this forum to ask about a VBA program my company would like written for customer order tracking. Essentially we receive a product from a customer, After we receive these products we then preform processes on them, and return them back to the customer. We would like to implement a system to track these orders throughout the time we have them in our possession.

Here is how we would like the program to work.

1. We receive a shipment from a customer
we have a master set of bar codes that corresponds with a database with customer information
We would like to be able to scan one of these bar codes and then a lot number for their order which then adds their product to a spreadsheet
We would then like this spread sheet to create another bar code that we can then print out and stick to the product packaging
This spread sheet will also act as a tracking system for their product with three steps.
1. "Received"
2. "In Storage"
3. "In Process"

This is basically how we would like the program to work, all through excel. We would like to know if this sounds doable, and if so if anyone would like to be contracted to design this system for us. Please let me know if i have left out any information that is necessary.