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VBA for computing variance analysis

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    VBA for computing variance analysis

    I am new here but hope to receive good advices how to solve my challenge to automate the variance analysis based on a pivot table with VBA code.
    Unfortunately I am beginner in VBA programming, hence my request here for some support.
    I have attached an excel file with an example and a word document to describe the "wishes".
    I am aware that this is too much to ask whole programming in such a forum, therefore it would be already very glad for a help how to coompute via VBA the formula written in sheet "Pivot_CA3COPG", cell T18 (volume effect).
    Furthermore it would be as well great to have an advice or even code how to change the order of the fields Customer Aggregate3, Country and ProductGroup (6 possible orders) and bringint it back to the first order - after each calculation of the variance analysis and transfering the data into the summary sheet.
    Thanks for any support!
    Best regards
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