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macro w/ Freeze panes keeps shifting where panes freeze on worksheet

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    macro w/ Freeze panes keeps shifting where panes freeze on worksheet

    I have multiple Form Control buttons used to navigate to other locations on a ws which would otherwise require a lot of scrolling and/or paging up/down.

    At the top section I have several buttons labeled Go To and then in the target areas I have buttons labeled Go Home to return to range "A1".

    Here's the code from one of the buttons:

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    What I don't understand is sometimes this works just fine. The macro runs, goes to the designated named range, which in this case is "Income_Stmt_Consol" which also happens to be cell C91 ... and the panes freeze around the range with both vertical and horizontal panes as you'd expect w/ C91 in the top left corner. However, at the moment it's just locking panes horizontally at row 109.


    Any one have an explanation or solution to this problem?? BTW ... it does seem to be intermittent.



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    Re: macro w/ Freeze panes keeps shifting where panes freeze on worksheet

    Hi, sschwant,

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