I have a SAP Business Objects Web 7.5 Add-in in Excel 2007.

The add in itself is made up of a compiled .xll file (CtExcelLinksWeb.xll) and a number of dll's.

A bit of vba shows the xll is registered, and all of its registered functions.

However, when I try to use one of these functions in VBA using Application.Run(), I get

Runtime 1004 - Macro may not be available or may be disabled.

I have tried registering the xll within the same sub (Application.RegisterXLL ()) and upon registering a VBAProject called CtEmpty.csv is created

I want to be able to automate the use of this add-in using VBA as it does long winded repetitive tasks, and then I can work on figuring out how to use the functions

Any help will be appreciated