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Mac 2011 Excel to PDF Export via Macro

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    Excel: Mac 2011

    Mac 2011 Excel to PDF Export via Macro

    Hi, All -

    I have a large table and I want to run two separate macros. I am using Mac Excel 2011 and all of my users will be on a Mac.

    1 - To filter out the non zeros in the table. I have accomplished this fine and coded to a Filter button which works.

    2 - I want to then Export only the relevant rows out to an Excel PDF and place on the user's desktop. I have recorded / written the following Macro which mostly works okay on my own computer. However, when I share the document with my users and they run the same macro the formatting of the exported table is completely off, rows/columns are missing and typically the logo is missing as well. Is there a better way to update the macro?

    Also, there will be other sheets in this workbook so I only want to export the Active Sheet.

    I have attached the workbook as well.

    Sub SaveAsPDF2()
    ' SaveAsPDF2 Macro

    Dim sPath As String
    sPath = MacScript("(path to desktop folder as string)")
    ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:= _
    sPath & ".pdf", _
    FileFormat:=xlPDF, PublishOption:=xlSelection
    Sheets("Pricing Menu").Select
    End Sub
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    Re: Mac 2011 Excel to PDF Export via Macro


    Try the below code

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