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Sort two columns (names) with keeping data intregity and order within the columns

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    Sort two columns (names) with keeping data intregity and order within the columns


    This is my first post to this website! I have been lurking on here for sometime now...

    I have been dabbling with macros for a bit, but this is my first major one I have tried to construct/meld together from what I have seen online. I am beyond stuck and close to giving up.

    I am trying to meld two data sets together. Each have names that may or may not be in the other data set, but when they are in both columns I need the names to line up. Thus, it is possible for a name in "Name 1" to never match up with a name in "Name 2", when this occurs I would like spaces to fill up the gaps. Also, I have two separate entries for each name, with an in and a corresponding out time, it is silly, but thats the out put I was given, and these need to line up in order to calculate duration. So it is possible in one data set to have 2500 John Does and in another data set have 6400 John Does (the exact same person), but also 0 Mark F and 10 Mark F's. No names can be deleted, just shift arounded with its corresponding data.

    Please see attached example.


    My current macro which doesnt do anything :

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