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Create Unique List from Multiple Criteria

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    Create Unique List from Multiple Criteria

    Hi everyone,

    I've searched the forums and google and haven't been able to find quite what I'm looking for. Here's the situation:

    Worksheet1: Analysis
    Worksheet2: Answer Data Month 1


    Cells A3 and B3 contact the search identifier. I.e., A3&B3
    Cells E7:E30 are where the unique list will be outputted to

    Answer Data Month 1

    Column BA contains the list of search identifiers as listed above. I.e. A3&B3
    Column BC contains text “Correct” or “Wrong”
    Column BB contains all possible text returns


    Create a macro which will generate a unique list of all results from column Answer Data Month 1 BB based on a search of results from Analysis A3&B3 and Answer Data Month 1 BC with text “Wrong”.

    So effectively, when the macro is run, Cells E7:E30 in Analysis will be populated with every entry listed in column BB in Answer Data Month 1 based on the lookup value from A3&B3 in Analysis in column BA in Answer Data Month 1 and the word “Wrong” in column BB in Answer Data Month 1.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Create Unique List from Multiple Criteria

    Doesnt sound like you need a macro for this. Upload a sample workbook so we dont have to guess
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