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Macro to Conditionally Copy and Paste

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    Macro to Conditionally Copy and Paste

    Hello all, first timer...

    I've attached a VERY general form of the file I'm working on.

    On Sheet1, I defined B2:B4 as company1, C2:C4 as company2, and D2:D4 as company3. Those ranges are meant to be my inputs which can be negative, zero, or positive.

    If it is positive, I need to have payment request printed for each instance. So I'm trying to make a macro that would do the following...

    Scan through company1, if a value is positive, copy the fund name in Column A, paste that fund name in Sheet2 cell B2, print that sheet, then resume scanning through company1 for other positive values to do this task. Once done for company1, I'd need the macro to then do the same for company2 (but pasting in Sheet2 E2) and company 3 (pasting in Sheet2 H2).

    I would really appreciate any help, I've tinkered a ton with it, but can't seem to get something working.

    Thanks a ton for everyone's time!
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    Re: Macro to Conditionally Copy and Paste

    I wonder whether you can try this
    in a new sheet sheet 4 copy this formula in B2

    copy this formula to right and down.

    is this whkat you want.
    I am not an expert. better solutions may be available

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